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Moroccan Payroll

Moroccan payroll handling is easy with Ajiel. Five steps will guide you in your monthly or hourly payroll calculations. Results and declarations (CNSS, AMO, IR) are instantly available. Graphical indicators provide information to optimize your payroll planification.

  • Payroll for various contracts (CDI, CDD, IDMAJ, TAHFIZ)
  • CNSS based contribution calculation
  • CGI based RI calculation
  • Payslips and Payroll ledger
  • Key graphical Indicator analysis

Staff management with Ajiel enables you to organize your teams and keep track of all staff data. Employees can also visualize their data, request leaves, and print their payslips.

  • Contractual and personal data
  • Leave, attendance, overtime
  • Leave counter
  • Payroll regulation
  • Edition certificat
Payroll simulator

The simulator allows you to calculate Payroll elements for a virtual employee. Appreciated by manager before a hiring or during salary negotiations, Ajiel enables you to control your offer impact and the global cost of an employee.

  • Simulation from gross to net salary
  • Simulation from net to gross salary
HR Analysis

The Analysis module enables Payroll components analysis like the salaries global cost, cost distribution between employees’ salaries and diverse administration fees. Those indicators allow you to make better use of payroll elements depending the various taxes applied to them. If you use leave management, you will be able to plan paid leave provisions.




  • Payroll Indicators
  • Workforce indicators
  • Monthly view
  • Annual view
Account administration

The Administration module allows you to configure the first level of your account. You can change the logo, enter administrative information regarding your company, manage users. For complex configuration, Ajiel packs powerful tools to answers your requests.

  • Administrative identity
  • Visual identity
  • Consumption tracking
  • User management
  • Payroll elements configuration